I Was On A Podcast!

I personally really think the watermark makes this image.

I mean, I used to run a podcast when I was like 14, but I’m not talking about that.

I recently guest appeared on the Game Crunch Podcast, which is a super-cool podcast run by a super-cool bunch of dudes. We talked about an assortment of games, including an amazing/terrible grindhouse vaguely porn-y beat-’em-up on Steam called Bad Ass Babes, Stellaris, and The Witcher! We also chatted about the Mystery Enigma Box that is the Nintendo NX, the Digital Homicide lawsuits, and I made a bunch of pistol noises with my mouth and generally made a fool of myself.

Big thanks to Mike, Nick, and Brandon for having me on. They’re great guys with a great ‘cast, and they deserve your sub. I hope they make the mistake of having me back on another time.

On a more dour note, sorry about the lack of updates! School’s really kicked into gear, and I’ve been wanting for time to both write posts and to play games to write posts about as a result. Once I get back on top of my schedule, I should be back to my normal schedule.

But, yeah, in the meanwhile, if you wanna hear my supple voice, check out Ep. 171 of the Game Crunch Podcast. It’s also available on iTunes or Stitcher!

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